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15 Sep


Johannes | September 15th, 2008

We try to make a trip around Morgantown every weekend. Last weekend’s target was Pittsburgh! We rather planned to go to Tennessee, but “Ike” made us change our minds. Bad luck!

But going to Pittsburgh was definitely worth the effort. Our trip had two highlights:
First, a stop a Krispy-Kreme-Doughnuts factory in Washington, PA. My girlfriend is addicted to those sweet calory-bombs (one standard doughnut equals 210 calories). She bought a dozen, anyway, and I did my best to keep her from eating too much of them. And after I ate the first one I have to admit, that one was really good (and the following six weren’t any worse ;).

You have to know that it’s impossible to purchase doughnuts in Vienna. At least I don’t know any place where I could get one. Another thing that I’ve never seen before is: a peanut roastery!

Pretty cool! And the smell was tempting as well. I took this snapshot at the market somewhere at the 20th Street in Pittsburgh. And – oh yeah – this market has something to offer, so this was the second highlight. Especially the assortment of Italian food was amazing. Just look at this cool picture of a store where you could get loads of different pulse, cereals, cheese, smoked meat, et cetera.

I was really glad to find an original Italian Balsamico vinegar and polenta – a kind of corn semolina. For an enthusiastic cook like me, shopping food in a market is grandiose way to spend leisure time. Of course wandering around and shopping makes tired and hungry. So we were glad that a famous sandwich-eatery, the Primanty-Brothers, is located just around the corner of the market. And both their sandwiches as well as the atmosphere inside the crowded building is worth a visit.

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