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25 Feb

Sigh. I now know how Cinderella felt.

Rebecca | February 25th, 2008

This Friday I attended the Faculty of Arts annual ball with some exchange students, most hailing from Wisconsin. The fancy dinner and dance was held in the Tisa, a classy hotel in the downtown area of Szeged.

When we entered the hotel we were greeted by the dean of the college by a kiss on the hand and a warm greeting in Hungarian. Then we walked into the room where our dinner was held we were stunned by its beauty. The walls were painted a light green trimmed in white and gold. You could have spent hours in awe of the high ceilings, massive chandeliers, and simple yet elegant decorations in honor of the ball.

The food was – wow! Picture four massive circular tables filled with traditional Hungarian foods. I tried to resist the temptation but sadly came back with a full plate. How could I not when you have homemade noodles topped with paprika seasoned chicken, pancakes filled with apricots, mashed potatoes, fresh fruit, and stuffed cabbage to choose from?!

After dinner we headed straight to the dance floor. It was fun to be with Americans and bust out moves like the shopping cart, soul train, and the electric slide. Plus the live band played a wide range of music, mostly old American tunes (Grease, Jackson 5, Franklin) but also some Hungarian rock. Halfway through the dance they announced a king and queen. My heart melted when the two began to dance. (awww!)

The evening was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

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